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Landscaping & Property Maintenance 


Sod, Seed, Mulch, Rock, Edging, & More

Sodding, Seeding, & Hydroseeding

  • We offer both sod and seed options for most yards. With nearly every sod or seed job that we do, we include a coating of fresh top soil as well. If you're in need of removal of existing grass and weeds, we have the ability to provide this service on most properties.​ In addition to sodding and seeding, we also offer hydroseeding options as well. 

  • Seed installation with new soil is typically around $0.30-$0.70 per square foot for a small yard (11,000 sq ft & under). For larger areas (11,000 sq ft & over), we typically charge $0.05-$0.50 per square foot depending on the size of the area, the prep work involved before installing the new materials, and the materials needed.

  • ​​Sod installation with new soil is typically around $1.00-$2.00 per square foot for small yards (11,000 sq ft & under). For larger areas (11,000 sq ft & over), we typically charge $0.50-$1.00 per square foot.


  • Hydroseeding price varies depending on the product used, the size of the area, location, and accessibility. Most projects cost around $0.25-$0.50 per square foot to complete. We typically have a project minimum of around $2,000-$3000 for most projects. 

Sodding, Seeding, & Hydroseeding
Rock and Mulch

Rock & Mulch

  • We offer both rock and mulch removal and installation. There are a variety of rock and mulch options available, but some of the most common are River Rock, Buff Limestone, Granite, Red Rock, Red Mulch, Brown Mulch, and Natural Hardwood Mulch.​

  • Rock installation typically costs around $4.15 per square foot to install all new rock with weed barrier, $2.00 per square foot to recoat existing rock, and $6.50 per square foot to remove.


  • Mulch installation typically costs around $2.75 per square foot to install new with weed barrier, $1.50 per square foot to re-coat existing, and $1.50 to remove.

Landscape Edging

  • We offer a variety of landscape edging options with some of the most types common being plastic edging, metal/steel edging, paver edging, and natural stone edging. We also offer concrete curbing as an additional edging option as well.​

  • Landscaping edging prices vary depending on the type installed. For both paver block edging and natural stone edging, we charge around $25.00 per linear foot installed. For plastic edging, we charge $6.50 per linear foot for trenched in style edging. For metal edging, we charge $25.00 per linear foot installed.

Bullet Paver Edging
Trees, Scrubs  and Plantings

Trees, Shrubs, & Plants

  • We offer the installation as well as removal of plants, trees, and shrubs! We work directly with Grove Nursery. Click the following link to view some of the many options that they have available!

  • Pricing does vary depending upon the planting selected. Plants are typically around $55 each installed. Shrubs are typically around $95 each installed. Trees are typically around $750-$1,500 each installed, but could be more or less depending on the type of tree installed. Shrub and plant removal on average are $50-$200 each. Removal price depends on the size and location of the shrub or plant. *Pricing includes removal, transport, and disposal.


Block & Boulder Retaining Walls, Lake Shoreline Repair, Rip-rap, Patios, & More

Block & Boulder Retaining Walls

  • We offer a variety of bolder, block, & timber retaining walls. Some of our typical stone options are sourced from and for materials. However, we are happy to install customer-purchased materials as well. Some of your typical bolder options include​ fieldstone, granite, and limestone. Fieldstone is the longest lasting and has the widest variety of color and shape mixed into each wall. 

  • Block and boulder retaining walls are typically priced off of square footage (length of the wall by the height of the wall), it is important to keep in mind that approx. 6-12 inches of the wall height is kept underground. Our block wall pricing is typically around $75-$85 per square foot installed.​ Our boulder wall pricing is typically around $60-$65 per square foot installed.

Paver retaining wall- raised garden bed
Paver and Concrete Patios

Paver & Concrete Patios

  • We install many paver and concrete patios, driveways, walkways, sidewalks, and more. We offer many paver options as well as stamped concrete, broom finished concrete, and stained or colored concrete. With each patio we always have the option to install a fire pit or campfire ring as well!

  • Concrete pricing typically ranges from $10 - $20 per square foot for broom finish depending on thickness and if the concrete needs to be pumped or buggied into the area if it is hard to access. Concrete stamping typically adds about $5 per square foot. Concrete coloring also adds about $5 per square foot.


  • Paver pricing is typically around $35 - $45 per square foot. Paver pricing varies depending on cut work to create curves, complex angles, and more.

Lake Shoreline Repair & Rip-rap Installation

  • We usually start be removing the existing shoreline and deciding if a new rip-rap is required.  We then move to regrading the slope to prepare for the new rip-rap to be installed. We often fix ice heaves created over years of cold midwest winters. After getting everything graded out, we then install a new membrane over the graded area that will help to keep the soil in place and weeds from growing through the rip-rap rocks. After covering the area with the protective membrane, we then can install the rip rap. Once the new shoreline is installed, we then install either soil/seed with straw blanketing where the turf was disturbed or new soil/sod.

  • Pricing depends on the beforehand work required to prep the embankment. Most shoreline projects are $5,000+. For example. a typical 50ft long shoreline would likely cost between $5,000-$10,000.  Every project varies and some projects could be significantly less dependent on various factors, so always schedule an estimate for exact pricing!

Lake Shoreline Repair & Rip-rap Installation

Property Maintenance

Snow Removal or Relocation, Salting, Shrub & Tree Trimming, Lawn Care, & More

Snow Plowing, Salting, & Snow Removal or Relocation

  • We offer snow plow services for clients both large and small as well as residential and commercial. We service residential clients with townhomes, single family homes, apartment buildings, duplexes, and more. We service commercial properties ranging from large parking lots and strip malls to small individual stores and shops. 

  • We offer per-time, monthly, and hourly rates for our commercial snow customers and per-time rates for our residential customers. All clients residential or commercial must commit to a full snow season to be added to our route. We offer 1 and 2 inch triggers for when we will begin to plow at a set property. Most average residential driveways start at $50 per time and up. Most commercial properties are $250 or more per time. We offer salting as well starting at $50 per service for small lots and most driveways.

snow plowing
Shrub Trimming


  • We offer both tree and shrub trimming for existing landscape clients.

  • Most trimmings for shrubs are around $50 each and most tree trimmings are around $250 - $500 per tree. 


  • For more details or pricing, please contact us or request a free estimate.

Land Clearing, Brush Mowing, & Lawn Care

  • We offer land clearing and brush mowing services. Whether you’re looking to clear all the trees off a large piece of land or are just looking to cut some brush back for the season we can help! We have a wide variety of equipment available for land clearing and can help with everything from the cutting and stump removal to transport and disposal.

  • Large land clearing projects can range from $10,000 - $50,000+. Most brush cutting projects cost $1,999-$4,999 depending on thickness and the size of the area. 


  • We have downsized our lawn care service department. We are now selective with all new lawn care accounts due to demand. Most lawn accounts are added in conjunction with winter services offered. Please request more information if you are in need of lawn care. Most lawn accounts are $250 or more per service.​ ​​​

land clearing and brush removal
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