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Excavating & Material Delivery / Disposal

Excavating & Regrading

Basements, Additions, Shed Pads, French Drains/Drain Tile, Filling Low Spots, & More

Excavating, Regrading, & Drainage​​

  • Our excavation work typically consists of site prep for houses, additions, garages, small sheds, and more. We have the proper equipment to complete excavation projects large and small. Here at Clark Companies we are dedicated to making sure our clients have the right excavation work completed to successfully prepare for their next steps in their projects. 

  • Small excavation projects are typically $2,000-$5,000; Mid-size projects are typically $5,000-$10,000; Large projects are typically $10,000+

  • Our regrade work typically consists of correcting poor slope and uneven surfaces around structures and throughout properties as well as installing fill in low spots and using regrading where needed to control water flow. In addition we also offer drain tile & french drain installation to help with water control. 

  • Regrading along one wall of a house to establish a proper slope is typically $500-$1,000. Regrading around a whole house is often $2,000-$3,000. Regrading a yard to eliminate uneven spots and bumps is typically $0.50 per square foot for yards under 11,000 sq ft and this does typically include some fresh soil as well! The price can be as low as $0.05 per square foot for yard significantly over 11,000 sq ft (i.e. multiple acres). Discounts are sometimes offered if the regrade work is done with other landscape services (rock/mulch, sodding/seeding, etc.).

  • Drainage systems pricing varies depending on project needs. Typically drain tile and french drain systems run between $50-$90 per linear foot installed. Filling/regrading low spots where water pools is often calculated based upon the cubic yards of soil materials that will need to be installed. Small projects (100 cubic yards or less) are typically $50-$100 per cubic yard and larger projects (100 cubic yards or more) are typically $25-$50 per cubic yard.

Material Delivery & Disposal

Rolloff Dumpsters, Yard Waste, Disposal Trucking, Landscape & Soil Material Delivery & Disposal

Material Delivery

  • We offer delivery of landscape & excavation materials such as rock, dirt, sand, mulch, and more via a dump truck or dumpster box.  For our dump truck delivery option, we have a wide variety of truck sizes to accommodate needs large and small. We often complete deliveries for homeowners, large commercial construction clients, and city municipalities. Our most common truck sizes are 3 yard (1.5 tons), 5 yards (7 tons), 7 yards (10 tons), and 14 yards (20 tons). We also offer a dumpster style box for material delivery. With this option, there is no leftover mess to clean up. This is a great option for those who do not want to risk damaging the property with a pile of material being dumped on it. Instead, the material will be contained into the dumpster box and eliminate the hassle of disposing or transporting any leftover material.

  • Our dump truck delivery pricing has a minimum of $250 for small loads transportation not including material costs. For our larger loads, we have a minimum of $399 for transportation not including material costs. Our dumpster box delivery pricing is typically around $299 - $599 depending on the size of the box not including material costs


Material Disposal

  • We offer disposal of both traditional rolloff dumpster trash and yard waste materials such as sticks, logs, leaves, dirt, sand, soil, concrete, pavers, old landscape materials like rock or mulch and more either via a dump truck or dumpster box. For our dump truck option we have a variety of truck sizes to fit different project sizes. We also offer disposal of material inside of a traditional dumpster style box where customers can easily wheelbarrow into the back of the box. The box can stay on site as long as needed while the materials are being removed and with this option there are accommodating sizes much smaller than a typical dump truck or other large transportation vehicle. 

  • Our dump truck disposal pricing has a minimum of $250 for small load transportation not including material disposal cost. For larger loads, we have a minimum of $399 for transportation not including material disposal costs. Our dumpster box disposal pricing is typically around $299 - $599 for transportation depending on the size of the box not including disposal costs

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